Disabled Stalls In Public Bathrooms Are For Disabled People, You Crusty Bilge Waffle!

Date: June 16th, 2017

Public bathrooms truly are gifts to this world. Think about how lost you would be if you needed to use the toilet at the movies, or in the mall, or at the beach, and there weren’t a place to do your business.

A few weeks ago, before going into the theatre to see Captain Underpants (those books were my childhood, I enjoyed the movie very much) my dad suggested he and I use the piss-spot (I try to find synonyms). It’s always a good idea to use the ToiletTM before a movie. Good thing we still had a few minutes before the movie began.

A woman kindly pointed the disabled stall in the corner of the large bathroom out to me. I went over to it and sat by it, moving my wheelchair back and forth every so often, looking at my fingernails for about seven minutes. I leaned down to see if I could see any feet dangling over the Bowl at about the two-minute mark.

When the stall door finally opened, a black-haired, older woman with glasses – not old enough to attract sympathy – walked out. I only saw her face for an instant. No one I recognized. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw her pause with a twinge, possibly wondering if she should help me open the door to make up for her fuckery.

I did not say anything to her. But in my head, I was thinking, “What the foonzy, woman? You do not get to pity and look down on me, imagining that I can’t open the lightest door to ever grace this earth, after doing that.”

She was an older woman, but I mean – older than fifty. She was not disabled, or too wide to get through the other stalls’ doors. She was not frail.

And there were about ten other empty “normal” stalls right next to the one she was in.

Disabled stalls are there to give the people who need more room more room. People with wheelchairs, or walkers, or canes, or who need help with…you know what. When there are empty stalls next to you, please do not pick the disabled one. What do you need that much room for? Standing? Ooh, maybe you like to pace before you attend to your rear business!

Disabled stalls are for disabled people.