Written: November 7th, 2017

Transcribed: February 5th, 2017



The year?


The planet?

Not Earth, obviously.

They say that years and years and years ago, a great empire was created on our planet. The empire, still around today, was vast, calculating, and benevolent. The empire, called The Kronan, stood for all the good that was left. The Kronan was led, in the beginning, by a strong, curvaceous, intensely creative woman named Daja. Daja was a woman. A human. She was a magnificent human though. Daja drew up all the plans for the cities and the gardens, and invited others to draw up plans of their own. It was a productive, kind time of being.

She never made temples. She never said, “Make me a God.” She never said, “I rule all.” But we did. We never let her go even when she died. She became an icon, and we dragged her dead mind through the mud over and over and over. Her kindness became weakness. Her intelligence became polished bigotry. Her anxiety became insanity. She was a God, alright. We made her one.

Previously, humans were Monsters. Civilization-destroyers and greedy, caustic beings. They killed off most nature. They killed off what they thought were lesser versions of themselves. They decided what to save and use and slaughter as though it was actually up to them. But Daja? She had rules in place and safety measures. Anyone who grew up a Martian would grow up like the best of us, and anyone who grew up like an Earthling on Mars would simply be sent “home” to Earth. In short, she separated the bad from the good. Or the trying to be good. But she wasn’t evil or polished at all. The bad had chances to become good, but apparently, if you’re born a certain way you are just stubborn in that way. The separation wasn’t her fault.

Those left on earth grew into The Dininan. They came and they conquered us years ago.

We tried so hard to separate the bad from the good. But we were all the same species.

In the land of Gods and Monsters, we were both.