Who I Am

You must like me a lot to want to read this blog regularly.

My name is ZMKF. I am an agender, asexual-panromantic, female Homo sapiens sapiens, and I live in L.A (currently, I’d like to move away someday). I am agnostic. I hope I will learn how to cook, and therefore eat, vegetarian. I like baking. I am against the death penalty. Well, I’m against death in general.

I am extremely multi-faceted. I am interested in extreme science (eg. human cloning, bringing extinct species back, genetic modification to the point of creating a wholly new species, etc), fashion, city planning, architecture, and writing. A lot of it stems from writing: the idea of creating your own worlds has inspired a lot of what I do and aspire to do.

I am @zmkfgram on Instagram, and my email address is zoefblog@gmail.com – yaaaay, you can contact me if you want. This is probably helpful for those of you whose “comments” are two pages long.

And this is my Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/zmkf