People I Respect and Why: Randall Munroe

No, this blog isn’t going to be filled only with references to other people’s stuff. I have stuff. But for now, I thought I’d start a hopefully on-going “post-collection” called People I Respect and Why, so you’d get to know me by looking at my tastes, interests, and icons. I am a people recommender. So, Randall Munroe. Let’s talk about him. Look at this:

A post from “what if?”- his website! < This website has a webcomic on it, which I will mention in approximately 3 sentences (including this one), but also a Dear Abby for mad scientists (his term, not mine).

His blog is way more popular than mine. I have no envy, he deserves every bit of his fampire (fan empire). Because his webcomic, xkcd, is really good. (It’s true. It’s good.) And he’s done it for quite a while now. It has surprisingly recognizable, memorable characters (one of the hat guys and same guy, darker hat?), and it makes me smile every time I see it. It’s like looking into someone’s brain.

And the Dear Abby for mad scientists, what if, is totally awesome as well. It’s funny, like xkcd, but smart, too. You feel like you’re reading an encyclopedia for comedians, which I suppose Randall Munroe is as well.

And that was: People I Respect and Why

P.S: I like links. (And parentheses.)