Throwing My Hat Into The Ring

Date: October 13th, 2017

Hewlett-Packard, also known as HP, teamed up with Launch Forth to create a series of challenges and projects. These challenges and projects ask people to design vehicles, architecture, and infrastructure to be used on Mars.

This is the challenge I chose:

And this is my entry: The Domes And The Library

This is a first draft. My first draft that follows all regulations and guidelines. It is a precursor to something much grander, something that will over evolve over time. I sent it in on a deadline, and I hand-drew it to give it an “organic” feel.

Although rudimentary, my entry is charming, and I did my research. I drew inspiration from multiple sources and cited them. I might not win, but it is not guaranteed I will lose. My entry is worth sharing, and I certainly hope that through it, Hewlett-Packard, and the others watching the challenges be completed by people all over, can see my untapped – and tapped – potential.

I will continue expanding my Mars plans whether or not my submission becomes known through them. On the subject of Hewlett-Packard, I am completely neutral.

I am not done designing and writing for Mars. Design is not stagnant. There will be many sketches, many first drafts, many final drafts, many essays, many stories, many updates to come. Interior design is perpetual. Architecture is perpetual. Learning is perpetual. My Mars plan is fluid in nature. I will never pretend to know everything, and I will never pretend I’m a scientist. I am an artist and writer and constant student and baker and doodler. I will post my plans on my blog.

This is me tossing my hat into the Martian ring. Elon Musk, Lockheed Martin, countless other relatively older white men with – er – unique names have already revealed plans and made a name for themselves. It’s my turn. If I may remind you, I’m not that impressive right now. But “me right now” is a young agender/genderfluid female who’s still in high school. Not many people are that impressive at my age, and those that are simply get even more impressive as they get older and their accomplishments increase. My Mars plan right now hasn’t even taken off with a running start yet. I’m just beginning my journey now, and I’m hoping you’ll follow it. One day, if life works well enough to bring me success at at least this, I will be one of the names you think of in reference to who will bring Mars a little closer in the sky.

My Martian playlist (I love using music to express my feelings!):

My Martian Pinterest board:

I Hate Typos.

I found a very interesting article in the New York Times. (This is the link, you should read it.) If you read my “Who I Am” page in the menu up top, you’ll know I love extreme science.

So I commented on it.

Zoe F L.A, C.A 9 hours ago
I am disappointed seeing so many pessimists in the comments. The mention of a Pandora’s box, by someone who calls themselves “hank,” and “carryonjeeves,” whose value on creativity and brilliance I otherwise support, says “Mr. Church and his select group are on a dangerous path.” I am optimist. I understand the importance of ethics and dealing with scientific breakthroughs and projects morally (kindness goes so far with me I’m actually an absolute pacifist). Obviously. What I don’t get is the lack of hope, and the abundance of fear. There is a story on a writing website called Wattpad, which I wouldn’t normally advertise, called “The CRISPR Kids” by a user called hungergamessin. I would not tell you to look at the story if it didn’t deal so optimistically about issues such as this. You should look at it, if only to recognize where people like me come from and why we think the way we do.

I was about to defend a serious scientific breakthrough, and look what happened! Do you see where it says “I am optimist?” It’s supposed to say “I am an optimist!”

Sometimes I just write so fast that I forget that I’m missing a word until it’s too late.

Really ruins the moment, doesn’t it?

(And by the way, I am hungergamessin on Wattpad, you’d see it on my links page. Yes, that is how I advertise.)